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Helping clients develop an effective strategy that maximizes their protection and security, we offer comprehensive legal services on all things intellectual property, including domain name disputes, domain name transactions, e-commerce, and more.

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Domain Name Disputes

One of your top priorities should be securing your domain name and protecting your intellectual property rights from misappropriation. When issues arise with the domain name you choose for your business, we can help.

Domain Name Transactions 

Domain names are supremely important when it comes to identifying your business and setting it apart from others. They are also key when it comes to your online marketing and services. At ESQwire, we can help you secure the best domain name for your business.

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Our attorneys have years of extensive legal experience and hundreds of dispute victories. We have helped establish internationally-recognized legal precedent as leaders in the field since 1996. 

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Our Attorneys have experience with Domain Name Disputes and Transactions, Escrow Services, Brokerage, Trademark Services, Generic Top-Level Domains Advisory Services, Domain Name Administration, and Digital Media.

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Our attorneys serve a broad range of clients, including smaller companies, domain owners, startups, entrepreneurs, and domain investors, ensuring their intellectual property is secure and their businesses can thrive. 

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Protecting Your Domain Name and International Property Rights

Traditional law firms are not well suited to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s domain name owners and internet businesses. was established to fill that void. Our attorneys have hundreds of dispute victories and have helped establish internationally-recognized legal precedent. The success of our clients is paramount. We are here to help with all of your domain name needs.

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In 1994, founder Ari Goldberger came up with a concept of In one of the earliest domain name disputes, the Hearst Corporation, publisher of Esquire magazine sued Ari in federal court. Ultimately the case settled, with Ari retaining the domain name. 

Before the advent of Instagram and Twitter, Jason Schaeffer helped Fortune 100 brands like NFL Properties and Pfizer protect their trademarks and police their online assets.

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