Premium Domain Name Escrow Services

As legal counsel to some of the world’s largest domain name portfolios you can trust ESQwire to safely manage your transactions. Whether you are buying or selling a domain name ESQwire can safely hold payment in an Attorney Trust Account until the entire transaction is complete. Conduct your sale or purchase with confidence that ESQwire will protect the parties during the transaction – payments are only released after confirmation that the transaction is complete.

Additionally, as legal counsel our experts can provide you with the legal documentation and counseling that will ensure your rights are protected.

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Protect the Asset

ESQwire can lock the Domain while the buyer makes scheduled payments or where the parties prefer that a third-party hold the name during the term of their business relationship. When the terms are fulfilled ESQwire will release the Domain thereby ensuring peace of mind for both parties.

The Buyer and Seller agree to hold the domain name(s) in escrow while the Buyer makes scheduled payments over time. We can hold domains for up to thirty-six (36) months to allow the parties to manage their payments.

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